We are not just another Bakery. We bake with love and care, and we’re proud of it!

Our breads, cakes and other baked goods are made with only the finest ingredients, and we never compromise on quality.

Everything I've had from here has been incredible. I get items not just for myself but for family, I never have to worry about having time to bake now. My parents loved We Decorate Kakes when I was a child, I'm so glad to be able to order from them and continue the tradition.


Most Loved Bakery in Pacific Missouri

We Decorate Kakes is a family run Bakery in Pacific and our goal is to make our customers happy with our sweet treats. Each cake is carefully baked with precision, giving it the perfect texture coupled with a mouth-watering taste. We have a wide assortment of bakery items on our menu. We have a wedding menu with a range of beautiful wedding cakes. We also customise our cakes so you can get the perfect cake for your special day. Other than cakes, we serve Mexican desserts, mini desserts, pies, brownies, cookies, quiches, muffins and a range of our signature desserts. And that’s not all. We also have special menus for holidays such as Easter. So place your order today to indulge in some sweet goodness.

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Round Donuts

Egg Cheese Kolaches

Egg Cheese Kolaches

Bacon Egg Cheese kolaches

Bacon Egg Cheese Kolaches

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Long Donuts

Apple Fritter2

Apple Fritter

French Donut2

French Donuts

Cake Donut2

Cake Donuts

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Birthday Cakes

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Wedding Cakes

Praise and Testimonials

Mark is an amazing baker and decorator. Definitely should check the bakery out.

Paul Simmons

We come from the east coast where there are a ton of amazing bakeries, so we were excited to try this place. They did not disappoint! Great, friendly, fast service and their baked goods were delicious!! Highly recommended.

renee duddy

We made a purchase of assorted mini desserts for a family gathering. It was amazing , delivered to my home wildwood, made suggestions . We will order again for sure.

Mary Jones

Good service. I ordered a cake during the COVID-19 situation. He went above and beyond to deliver the carrot cake to the door. Everything was extremely good. It looked so amazing, we started with the carrot cake before dinner. I can’t wait to order.


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Our Story

Robert Koch is a Master Baker who has baked at the Breaks Hotel in West Palm Beach Fl, to baking for the Kennedy’s, from large executive events to private parties to birthday parties. Highly regarded for our professionalism and attention to detail, we have built an enviable reputation for offering the best service to our clients. In 1976, He started We Decorate Kakes in St. Louis Missouri, a family owned and operated bakery. Our focus is on quality ingredients as well as product that consequently made fresh daily, quality of details and latest trend. We sell cakes, pies, pastries, brownies, chocolate candy favors. Our reputation is one of the highest in quality products, with a variety of items in stock and the latest in innovative products – all in one place.

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