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The St. Louis Gooey Butter Cake has been a popular sweet dish for decades. A recipe handed down from generation to generation, the gooey butter cake is one of the most popular things about the town of St. Louis. According to legend, the buttery sweet treat was invented by accident in the 1930s when a baker mistakenly mixed up the proportion of flour and butter in a yellow cake. Instead of throwing it out, he sold it to his customers. And everyone loved the sticky dessert. Gradually, it found a place in the Thanksgiving dinners of Missouri. Years have passed, but the gooey butter cake is a dessert that Bakery in St. Louis is known for. It’s a famous confection that can be found in cafes and restaurants across the Midwest and the West Coast.

The gooey butter cake is a flat, dense and sticky cake made with wheat cake flour, lots of butter, eggs, and sugar. It’s typically about an inch tall, and topped with generous amounts of powdered sugar. This mushy delight from the food rich city of Missouri has come a long way since then. The gooey butter cake is generally served as a breakfast pastry or a coffee cake. Other than the original version, there are also different versions of it such as the Deep Butter Cake, the yellow cream cake, lemon gooey butter cake, chocolate gooey butter cake and many more.

Being one of the oldest Bakery in St. Louis We Decorate Kakes has carried on this tradition with our scrumptious, soft butter cakes that will definitely make you swoon. Our master baker Mr. Robert Koch has been around in the business when the St. Louis speciality dessert was just gaining popularity across the city and beyond. Hence, he knows the secret to make the perfect butter cakes, and it is evident in each cake made by us. Our St. Louis Tradition menu includes the classic Gooey Butter Cake and also the Deep Butter Cake. The Deep Butter Cake has also been a signature St. Louis dessert which is made with butter and special butter dough flavouring. However, it’s not available easily even in St. Louis as the recipe of this buttery delight has been lost over the years and hence, most bakeries don’t serve it anymore. Try it at We Decorate Kakes to savour the city’s tradition.

We Decorate Kakes is a family run Bakery in St. Louis and our goal is to make our customers happy with our sweet treats. Each cake is carefully baked with precision, giving it the perfect texture coupled with a mouth-watering taste. 
We have a wide assortment of bakery items on our menu. We have a wedding menu with a range of beautiful wedding cakes. We also customise our cakes so you can get the perfect cake for your special day. Other than cakes, we serve Mexican desserts, mini desserts, pies, brownies, cookies,  quiches, muffins and a range of our signature desserts. And that’s not all. We also have special menus for holidays such as Easter. So place your order today to indulge in some sweet goodness.

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