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Deep butter cakes are the signature delicacy of St. Louis. As its name says, this cake is as buttery as you can imagine. Johnny Hoffman, a St. Louis baker blended the proportions of ingredients at the time of preparing a pound cake’s variation, named a deep butter cake. If you live in Wildwood MO and are looking for a bakery that follows St. Louis Missouri traditions, you can easily get them. We Decorate Kakes is one of the best places that serve deep butter cakes in Wildwood MO.

The History behind Deep Butter Cakes

We earlier mentioned how these buttery cakes came about. But do you know the actual history behind it? These cakes’ history is still questionable but there are many stories that we find these days. According to one story, this cake dates back to the 1930s while a German baker included incorrect ingredients to the coffee cake batter he was preparing, and it changed to a pudding-like, buttery filling.

According to another story, it was a mistakenly prepared dessert by Johnny Hoffman, a St. Louis baker in the early 1940s. After several mistakes and trials, this dish was made pretty well.

Why Go for Deep Butter Cakes?

If you want to understand a place like Wildwood MO, you need to explore its culinary offerings. What uniqueness will you find in the dishes of St. Louis Missouri? If you are a resident in Wildwood MO, you would love to go for a deep butter cake.

As its name suggests, this butter cakes have a pudding-like consistency that comes from its primary ingredients: flour, cream cheese, eggs, sugar, and butter. If you try this awesome cake once, you will just fall in love with it. To get the most sugary surprise in Wildwood MO, get it delivered from We Decorate Kakes.

Why Purchase Deep Butter Cakes from We Decorate Kakes

We Decorate Kakes prepares deep butter cakes for every type of occasions like birthdays or any commercial event. Our bakery also provides special deep butter desserts for weddings. Along with this incredible buttery cake, we also provide fresh-baked cakes, pastries, cupcakes, cheesecake, and more sweet treats. Although the bakery carries the standard deep butter cakes, it also has exceptional flavors that associate with its St. Louis origins.

Moreover, we prepare custom-made cakes according to our customers’ needs. If you order a custom-made cake in the holidays, allow us proper time for planning, baking, and decorating your cake. We make sure to deliver your cake on time and properly. This is the most important factor that makes us one of the leading bakeries in Wildwood MO.

Whether you need a small or a tall cake with delivery in Wildwood MO, we can serve that. We prepare cakes of all flavors, shapes, and sizes. Also, we make a deep butter cake that has a sponge-like cake and is sprinkled with powdered sugar. So, decide what you need. Order a piece of buttery goodness or take home the whole size deep butter cakes in Wildwood MO. Place Your order now.

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