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We-Decorate-Kakes is a family owned and operated bakery established in 1976 in St Louis, Missouri.

From the beginning, it has been our passion to serve our community the tastiest treats, created with real, quality ingredients, made free from chemical additives, stretchers, and fillers. Simply put, we make food that eat ourselves and serve to our own families, in a warm and welcoming environment by people who care.

We-Decorate-Kakes targeted on delighting our customers with artisanal, beautiful, and high-quality cake and desserts.

We make everything by hand with the best possible ingredients, from pies to cakes. A combination of great produce, good strong coffee, artisanal skill and hard work creates the honest, soulful, delectable bites that have made We-Decorate-Kakes famous.

Our aim to provide quality, value for cash and truly special products for our customers. We believe that the consistent achievement of these goals along with the total quality of service is what makes us the natural choice for your special day or event. We hope you agree!

Meet Co-owner Robert Koch Baking, decorating, creating – these are more than what Robert Koch does, they are who he is.

Robert Koch is a Master Baker. He has been a baker at the Breaks Hotel in West Palm Beach, Florida and has also been a baker for the Kennedy’s. He grew up a large, fun-loving, bakery owning. Several hours were spent in the kitchen, and there were parties and celebrations for each occasion.

Robert Koch to pursue his love of art and baking and started to hone his skills into making beautiful decorative cakes for his family and friends. What started as a love for all things sweet, blossomed into ‘We Decorate Kakes.


Our passion for baking reflects the quality of our product. Our Bakers pursue a strong emphasis on authenticity with our skilled worker made products. To keep the old traditional recipes alive its all made by hand and fresh daily. We definitely appreciate the rewards we’ve received and thanked the community and most of all our customers for the great success Flexible and Responsive Customer Service Team Every member of our friendly customer service team is inspired to realize a deeper personal understanding of your business so we are able to be proactive in supply products and solutions that work best for you.

We trust our account managers with the authority to swap out product if you’re dissatisfied, issue refunds if required and take the other necessary step to confirm that you feel confident and convenient with us as your bakery supplier. Our entire team, from front office to production to distribution, is genuinely committed to providing attentive service we believe that a bakery is simply as successful as the customers it satisfies.

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Our made fresh daily items use the highest quality ingredients, techniques and designs, giving us a stellar reputation. We are proud to offer a variety of items and the latest in innovative products – all in one place.

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